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Welcome to - Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. official website
,Sales consulting hotline:0510 - 8379 5411
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Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a full-stock high-tech enterprise. Introducing foreign technology, producing scraper evaporator
(thin film evaporator, short-range evaporator), scientific research, manufacturing as one of the professional development unit of evaporation equipment.
Our products and supporting equipment
Haiyuan Biochemical Main Performance
The company provides: complete sets of process equipment for biodiesel evaporation separation. Provides cashew nut shell oil complete sets and equipment Refined yellowish cashew nut shell oil
It also provides project supporting services for large companies such as Roche {ROCHE}, and is highly praised by users at home and abroad.
Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes you to visit and negotiate cooperation, you can contact us through the following ways. Thank you for your interest in us!
  • No. 29, Ruirui Road, Zhangye Town, Wuxi City
  • 0510 - 83795411 8379240029

  • 0510 - 8379 2400

  • 137 0151 0330

  • wxhysh@163.com

Wuxi Haiyuan Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. in order to let the public know more about our company in a
faster and more detailed way. Specially provide pictures with text, The comprehensive news information, industry information and other information
of the video provide convenience for you to understand the information of our company.
  • Address: No. 29, Ruirui Road, Zhangye Town, Wuxi City
  • Phone: 0510-83795411 83792400
  • Fax: 0510-83792400
  • Mobile phone: 13701510330
  • E-mail: wxhysh@163.com
  • Web:Http://wap.sweetlandmusic.com
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